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BLOODLINES is a massive social vampire and lycan role-playing game in Second Life®.
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The Thirst 34,539 Vampires
The Rage 6,451 Lycans
The Human 142,327 Humans
Hybrids 18,014 Hybrids
Bloodlines War 21,513 Warriors

July 2018 15 Days, 16 Hours, 53 Minutes Left!

Vital Chain
Be the victim of a bite that embraces a new vampire, total.

Crystal0713 Resident
Revenant Screams
Get the last attack on a human to turn them into a revenant, total.

Crystal0713 Resident
Blood River
Get first attack and gain the souls of new vampire minions (total).

Crystal0713 Resident
Blood Storm
Get first attack and gain the souls of new vampire minions (single day).

Crystal0713 Resident
Vampire Frenzy
Bite other Bloodlines players, number in one day.

Crystal0713 Resident

Wooden Star

Crystal0713 Resident
Wooden Star

LovingWolf Brentley
Chimera's Claw

Damien Hawklord
Chimera's Claw

Xylinya Resident
Chimera's Claw

Bella Cardboard
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1Fallon Khalamov
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5GarrettTantrum Resident | Ozz Exonar | venimeux Resident | skoot195 Resident | ImperorAndre Resident | AimeeVera Resident | brattychick Resident | Aramantha Iridescent | Kirgen Resident | Ursus Broono | SublimelySensual Resident | toranda Bumblefoot | Tchibo Resident | Morgan Foulon | Lycan Drascol | ryu Blindside | BrinaNightly Resident | Renee India
6MeaLumi Resident | travis Renfew | WolfRapido Resident | lllMASElll Resident | fabinhoDJ Resident | Pocahontas Philly | LotusCharmed Resident | vishousmercy Resident | Cristy Shelter | WillofDarkness Pexington | Kastro Release | Penelope Radium | Old Snowbear | Skye Hanly | gabybaby28 Resident | SabrinaJay Topaz | SweetFurry Resident | djoserr Resident | dawolfe Resident | Faarbaute Resident | AlphaLycan123 Resident | xandriaaysla Resident | Acrylickitty Resident | Catherineca Resident | blackboy3 Resident | Honey Streusel | Panther Kytori | Annelavie Baily | DarkAzz Resident | KittyCat Frequency | MasterZenOrel Resident | Cyndil Resident | Wicked Firecaster | lowtor Resident | Tone Cluny | Weaver1971 Resident | FuriaNegraDaLua Resident | Draco48 Resident | Ariella Coage | Eoshi Resident | Sanuria Resident | BauerleHowie Resident | YoungQuanna Resident | Rogerio Vieria

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