Join Us!

Joining Bloodlines is easy! All you need is a Second Life account and one of the three Bloodlines HUDs. Then, you can join a family and start your adventure!


Join Second Life


Joining Second Life is easy. Use the links below to create an account, and download a viewer. There are many viewers to choose from, but Bloodlines recommends the Official viewer or the Firestorm viewer.


Choose Your HUD (Heads-Up-Display)

There are 3 HUDs to choose from. Each HUD gives you different abilities. All three HUDs allow you to scan those around you to learn their Bloodlines status, and to join a Bloodlines family.

The Thirst

The Thirst HUD allows you to bite others and collect Vital Blood from them. You must own the Thirst HUD to turn into a vampire.

The Rage

The Rage allows you to attack humans and collect Lumens from them, and to drink lumens and moonshine. You must own the Rage HUD to turn into a lycan.

The Human

The Human HUD allows you to offer yourself to vampires and lycans. Humans can eat apples and drink cider to restore their humanity.


Join a Family

There are many Bloodlines families to choose from and explore, and they are all excited for you to join them!

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The rest is up to you

Who (or what) will you become? Will you choose to live, or embrace eternal life? Will you gather the largest clan? Will you find love? Will you conquer your enemies?

The choice is yours. Get started today!